Marie_Bro_097_beskåret mereMarie Bro has worked in film animation as a producer and production manager since 1985. The majority of her credits are feature films, including such prominent titles as War of the Birds (1990), The Secret Weapon (1995), Hans Christian Andersen and the Long Shadow (1998), several of the Circleen features series, The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear (2002) and, most recently, A Tale of Two Mozzies (2007). In addition to features, Bro has also produced numerous short series and TV specials. Bro has been very active as a producer and has worked in cooperation with other respected production companies, such as Zentropa, Les Armateurs, National Film Board of Canada, Per Holst Film, Metronome and A-Film. She has functioned independently as producer at Dansk Tegnefilm since 1996.  IMDB Filmography


2014 Cykelmyggen og Minibillen (Mini and the Mozzies), by Jannik Hastrup & Flemming Quist Møller (Producer) 2007 Cykelmyggen og Dansemyggen (A Tale of Two Mozzies), by Jannik Hastrup & Flemming Quist Møller (Producer) 2004 Cirkeline og verdens mindste superhelt (Little Big Mouse) ,by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 2003 Drengen der ville gøre det umulige (The boy who wanted to be a bear),by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 2000 Cirkeline – Ost & Kærlighed (Mice and Romance), by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 1999 Prop & Berta, by Per Fly & Janis Cimermanis, (Producer for Zentropa) 1998 Cirkeline – Storbyens Mus (City mice), by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 1998 HC Andersen og Den Skæve Skygge (HC Andersen and The Long Shadow), by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 1995 Aberne og Det Hemmelige Våben (The Secret Weapon), by Jannik Hastrup, (Production Manager) 1992 FernGully - 1992, by Bill Kroyer, (Production Manager at A.Film) 1990 Fuglekrigen i Kanøfleskooven (War of the Birds), by Jannik Hastrup, (Production Manager) 1986 Strit & Stumme (Subway to Paradise), by Jannik Hastrup, (Production Manager)


2016 Karl, Den nye dreng, Shortfilm, 10 min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 2015 LiliSeries of  3.5 min., by Siri Melchior, (Producer) 2015 Cosmopolitanism, Documentary, 16 min, by Eric Gandini, (Associated Producer) 2015 Blot en drengestregShortfilm, 15 min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 2014 Rita og Krokodille (Rita and Crocodile), Series of  5 min., by Siri Melchior, (Producer) 2014 Tefik, når du falder skal du rejse dig igenShortfilm, 10 min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 2013 Jamila, gid jeg kunne flyveShortfilm, 10 min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 2013 Hollow LandShortfilm, 14 min., by Michal & Uri Kranot, (Producer) 2012 Solén - jeg altid husker farShortfilm, 10 min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 2010 Cirkeline i Fandango (Circleen in Fandango), TV program, 20 x 6 min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 2009 Fløjteløs (Whistleless), Shortfilm, 5 min., by Siri Melchior, (Producer) 2009 Pipungerne (The Tweetlings), Shortfilm 4 x 5 min, by Tone Tarding, (Producer) 2008 En lille film om nisser (A Little Film on Pixies), Shortfilm, 13 min.; by Trylle Vilstrup, (Producer) 2008 Shaman, Shortfilm, 10 min., af Luc Perez, (Producer) 2005 Krig og Kager (War and Peas), Shortfilm, 10 min., by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 2005 Eventyret om den dårlige samvittighed, Shortfilm, 15 min., by Jannik Hastrup (Producer) 2005 Flammende Oprør, Musicvideo, 3 min. by Trylle Vilstrup (Producer) 2005 Sukkerknald (Ain't got no Sugar), Shortfilm, 3 min. by Jannik Hastrup (Producer) 2004 Dem derovre og de andre (The ones over there and the others), Shortfilm, 15 min, by Ziska Szemes, (Producer) 2001 Hund og Fisk (Dog & Fish), Shortfilm, 15 min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 2001 På Vej til Billedet, Short films 2 x 6 min, by Bigita Faber, (Producer) 1996  Historien om et hundeliv (A shaggy Dogstory), Shortfilm, 25min, by Malene Vilstrup, (Producer) 1996  Æbleflæsk, Shortfilm, 5 min. , by Lars Nørgaard, (Producer) 1996  Tango Jalousie, Shortfilm: 5 min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Producer) 1996  Birdland, Series, 4 x 5min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Assistant Producer) 1995  Skæbnetimen, Shortfilm, 40 min., by Eva Bjerregaard, (Production Manager) 1993  Havets Sang (Song of the Sea), Shortfilm: 25 min, af Jannik Hastrup, (Assistant Producer) 1992  Det bare os høns (Ain't nobody here but us chickens), Shortfilm, 17 min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Production Manager) 1991  Bjarne og Brittas Vidunderlige Verden (The wonderful world of Barney and Betty), Series, 5 x 7 min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Production Manager) 1985  Trylle og Tøjdyrene (Magic Mary and her Puppets), Short films 2 x 15 min, by Jannik Hastrup, (Paint, Camera)