michelle_uriMichelle and Uri Kranot are artists, animation filmmakers and both hold various positions at The Animation Workshop, VIA University College, Viborg, Denmark. Michelle is the producer and instructor of Professional Training courses. Uri is story supervisor for the Bachelor education. Uri and Michelle are programmers and curators for a number of International Animation Festivals and projects and conduct Masterclasses around the world. Their personal works have won over a hundred international prizes and participated in numerous film festivals and exhibitions. Their film “Hollow Land” was shortlisted for an Oscar Academy Award in 2014. Recently they have been working both with a theater company and with Audio-visual performers, and multimedia game studio, creating installations and exhibitions and VR and have been awarded the Danish Statens Kunst Fond award for excellency (2015). They have a special focus on Animated Documentary and are currently in production of new animated multimedia works. Michelle and Uri, originally from Israel, live with their soon three sons in Viborg, Denmark. Full Filmography: 2017 ”Nothing Happens”, Shortfilm and Virtual Reality experience, 12 min., Denmark/France 2015 ‘How long, not long’ , 6 min. Denmark 2015 ”Cosmopolitanism”, 22 min., (directors of animated part), Sweden 2014 ’Black Tape’, 3min, Denmark 2013 ’Hollow Land’, 14min, Denmark /France /Canada 2010 ‘White Tape’, 2:20 min. Denmark 2008 ’The heart of Amos Klein’, 14min, Denmark /France /Netherlands/ Israel 2005 'God on our side', 7 min, Netherlands. 2004 ‘My sister’, 3 min, Netherlands/ Israel 2003 'Fallout', 5:30 min, Israel 2002 'Ducks', 4 min, Israel 2002 'Avinu Malkenu', 3 min, Israel 2001 ’The balls’, 5 min, Israel 2000 ’Sticki’n with you’, 3 min, Israel Awards: 2016 How Long, Not Long, Special Mention, Animafest Cyprus 2016 How Long, Not Long, Special Spike Award, Valladoild International Film Festival 2016 How Long, Not Long, Special Mention, Festival int du Court Métrage de Lille 2016 How Long, Not Long, Special Mention, Guanajuato International Film Festival 2016 How Long, Not Long, Fipresci Prize, Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2015 Black Tape, Best Film, Pontarlier Animation Festival, France 2015 Black Tape, Best Film, Pontneuf Enviromnetal Film Festival, Canada 2014 Black Tape, Best Short, and Best Art direction Brazil Stopmotion festival, Brazil 2014 Black Tape, Special Mention, Leeds Film Festival 2014 Black Tape, Best Animation, Huseca Int. Film festival, Spain 2014 Hollow Land, Synchro Award, Tricky Women, Vienna, Italy 2014 Hollow Land, Shortlisted for the Academy Award, LA, USA 2014 Hollow Land, Nominated for the Canadian Academy Award, Canada 2014 Hollow Land, Best Animation, Brooklyn Film Festival, NYC, USA 2014 Hollow Land, Synchro Award, Tricky Women, Vienna, Italy 2014 Hollow Land, Special Mention, Athens Animfest, Greece 2013 Hollow Land, Special Mention, Bristol Encounters, United Kingdom 2013 Hollow Land, Special Mention, Bradford Animation Festival, United Kingdom 2013 Hollow Land, Special Achievement, Anilogue Int. Animation Festival, Hungary 2013 Hollow Land, Amnesty Award, Giffoni Film Festival, Italy 2013 Hollow Land, Special Mention, Cyprys Animation Festival, Cyprys 2013 Hollow Land, Special Mention, Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel 2013 Hollow Land, Best Independant Animation, Telaviv Animation Festival, Israel 2013 Hollow Land, Union of Bulgarian Artists Award, Varna Film Festival, Bulgaria 2013 Hollow Land, Best Animation Technique, Banjaluka int. Animated Film Festival, Bosnia 2013 Hollow Land, Best Animation, Animix ASIFA, Israel 2011 White tape,  Best experimental film, saugony film festival , Canada 2011 White tape , Special mention, Monstra animation festival, Portugal 2010 The Ministry of Culture Award for cinematography, Israel. 2010 Amos Klein, Best animation, Roanne film festival, France. 2009 Amos Klein, Best Animated film, Saint Paul Trois Chateaux Film Festival, France. 2009 Amos Klein, Special Award, Animacam, Spain. 2009 Amos Klein, 2nd best animation, Athens Int. animation festival, Greece. 2009 Amos Klein, Best Short Film, Warsaw Int. Jewish Film Festival, Poland. 2009 Amos Klein, Best music, Aix En Provence film festival, France. 2009 Amos Klein, 3rd prize for best animation, Kalamazoo film festival, USA. 2008 Amos Klein, Best Independent Animation, ASIFA Animation Festival, Israel. 2008 Amos Klein, Best animation, Sedicicorto, Italy. 2008 Amos Klein, Best animation, Grand Canaria film festival, Spain. 2008 Amos Klein, Special mention, "I've seen films" Milano, Italy. 2008 Amos Klein, Best short film, Zwolle film festival, The Netherlands. 2007 God On Our Side, Distinguished jury award, Platform festival, U.S.A. 2006 God On Our Side, Best Animation, Tampere film Festival, Finland. 2006 God On Our Side, Best short film, Lille Audiovisiuelle Festival, France. 2006 God On Our Side, Best Animation, Lucania film festival, Italy. 2006 God On Our Side, Best Animation, Cyprus film Festival. 2006 God On Our Side, Best Animation, Haifa film Festival, Israel. 2006 God On Our Side, Best Experimental film, Tindirindis film festival, Latvia. 2005 God On Our Side, Nominated for the Prix UIP (European Film Academy Award). 2005 God On Our Side, Best Independent film, Asifa, Israel. 2004 Ducks, Best student animation film, Trickfilm festival Stuttgart, Germany. 2004 Ducks, Best independent animation film, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Israel. 2004 Fallout, Best film, Mensil le Roy Short Film Festival, France. 2003 Ducks, Best student animation film, Asifa, Israel. 2002 Avinu Malkenu, Best student animation film, Asifa, Israel. Grants: 2010 New Media Fund, Israel. 2009 ‘West Danske’ Film Fund, Denmark. 2009 Israeli Lottery Fund for the Arts, Israel. 2008 Centre National de Cinematographie, France. 2008 PROCIREP – ANGOA fund, France. 2008 The Netherlands fund for film, Netherlands. 2007 Berlinale Talent Campus, Germany. 2007 The Fund for Video-Art and Experimental Cinema, Israel. 2007 The New Israeli Film fund, Israel. 2005 The New Israeli Film Fund, Israel. 2005 Fonds RNTV, Netherlands. 2004 The Netherlands Institute for Animation film, Netherlands. 2003 The Rabinovich fund, Israel. Exhibitions: 2009 The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon. Group exhibition. 2008 The Video Art Biennale, Israel. Group exhibition. 2008 The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon. Group exhibition. 2007 The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon. Group exhibition. 2006 International video-art Biennale, Tel Aviv, Israel. Group exhibition. 2006 Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel. 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Television broadcast: ARTE, France/Germany; Canal +, France; RNTV, Netherlands; Channel 2, Israel; SBS Australia; The National Geographic Channel.