Dansk Tegnefilm

  • Film info

    • Danish title: ROSELIL OG STENTROLDEN
    • English title: ROSA AND THE STONE TROLL
    • Release: 2023
    • Category: Animation / Feature
    • Audience: Children 3+
    • Running time: 75 min.
    • Format: DCP / 1:1,78
    • Director: Karla Nor Holmbäck
    • Screenplay: Toke Westmark Steensen
    • Composer: Morten Dalsgaard
    • Producer: Marie Bro
    • Production: Dansk Tegnefilm, A.Film Productions
    • In association with: DR
    • Supported by: The Danish Filminstitute, Den Vestdanske Filmfond, Nordisk Film & TV Fond
    • Int. Sales: LevelK, www.levelk.dk

    Roselil og Stentrolden (2023)


    Rosa is a little flower fairy who always lived alone in her rosebush. More than anything she dreams of having a friend, but she is scared of everything and never dared to leave her bush.  One day the adventurous butterfly Silk crosses paths with Rosa and they immediately become friends despite their differences. Silk wants to go on adventures and Rosa wants to stay in her safe bush. But when Silk is kidnapped by an evil Stone Troll, Rosa has to let go of her fears and set out on a dangerous journey to save Silk.