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  • Danish Title: BENNYS BADEKAR
  • English Title: BENNYS BATHTUB
  • Running Time: 43 min.
  • Release: 1971
  • Category: Shortfilm / Animation
  • Audience: 6-36 years
  • Language: Danish
  • Format: 35mm / 1:1.37 / Stereo
  • Director: Jannik Hastrup, Flemming Quist Møller
  • Screenplay: Flemming Quist Møller
  • Composer: Hans-Henrik Ley
  • Animation: Jannik Hastrup, Anders Sørensen, Per Tønnes Nielsen, Flemming Jensen, Bent Steffensen
  • Producer: Per Holst
  • Production: Fiasco Film
  • Support From: Statens Filmcentral
  • International Sales: Per Holst / Asta Film
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Bennys Badekar (1971)

Benny’s Bathtub

This classic animation film which is created by the veterans Jannik Hastrup and Flemming Quist Møller has been nominated a part of the Danish cultural heritage. The film deals with the boy Benny, who is bored by living in the high-rise building and with parents who have never had the time to talk to him. He walks out to collect a tadpole, which he then brings back to the bathroom. The tadpole turns out to be a transformed prince who together with Benny dives down to the bottom of the bathtub, which then becomes the big ocean. Here he experiences a series of exciting and adventurous things which he otherwise misses in the daily life.

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