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    • Danish title: RITA OG KROKODILLE
    • English title: RITA AND CROCODILE
    • Release: 2014
    • Category: Animation / Short series
    • Audience: Children 2+
    • Running time: 5 min. per episode
    • Format: DCP / 1:1,78
    • Director: Siri Melchior
    • Screenplay: Anders Sparring, Jan Vierth, Siri Melchior
    • Dialogue: Anders Sparring, Jan Vierth, Siri Melchior, Kim FupZ
    • Composer: Tanera Dawkins
    • Animation: Martyn Jones, Mark Nute, Robin Deller
    • Producer: Marie Bro
    • Production: Dansk Tegnefilm, Ladybird Films
    • In association with: DR
    • Supported by: The Danish Filminstitute, Media, Nordisk Film & TV Fond
    • Int. Sales: Dandelooo, www.dandelooo.com
    • Awards: Annecy Film Festival, 2015 / Jury Award Best TV-series, Chicago Int. Childrens FF / Jury Award Best programme for young children
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    Rita & Krokodille (2014-18)


    »Rita and Crocodile« is a series of 5 min. films about being 4 years old and about the friendship between Rita and her best friend Crocodile. Rita is a small, very determined girl. She has a very hungry friend, Crocodile, who lives in the bathtub. Most probably, Crocodile only exists in Rita’s imagination, but that is our reality in these short films.