Dansk Tegnefilm

  • Film info

    • Danish Title: THE NEW KID
    • English Title: THE NEW KID
    • Release: 2015
    • Running Time: 7 min
    • Category: Shortfilm / Animation
    • Audience: Children 7+
    • Language: Danish
    • Format: Digital HD / 1:1,78
    • Director: Jannik Hastrup
    • Original Story: Janus Kodal
    • Screenplay: Jenz Koudal, Jannik Hastrup
    • Music: Jenz Koudahl
    • Producer: Marie Bro
    • Production: Dansk Tegnefilm (DK)
    • International Distribution: Dansk Tegnefilm

    The New Kid (2015)

    37The First Day In School, Karl is immedeately being attacked by the boys. They need a new kid to feed to the pet: a huge slimy spider who eats fingers. Boris produces a saw from his pencil case to saw off one of Karl’s fingers. And the teacher, Margit, does her best to help her pupils…

    Karl struggles with finding his place among the boys and girls in the new school. He tries hard to become one of them, to become a part of the game.