Dansk Tegnefilm

  • DANSK TEGNEFILM is a independant production company who develops, finances and produces animated films and series. The company has produced more than 100 single title films including many critically acclaimed and award-winning productions such as “The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear” (2002), “A Tale of two Mozzies” (2007), “Hollow Land” (2013) and ”Rita & Crocodile” (2014-18). It is the aim and the strength of the company to produce original, story-telling films and series which engage our young audience. Stories which convey values and which cultivates imaginative and divergent thinking. Run by producer Marie Bro, the company is experienced in international co-productions and has co-produced with companies such as The National Filmboard of Canada, Les Armateurs, Les Films d’Arlequin, Miyu Productions, Ladybird Films, Memfis Film and Penn Film. Dansk Tegnefilm is based in Copenhagen since 1976.


    (2023)   Roselil og Stentrolden (Rosa and the Stone Troll)
    by Karla Nor Holmbäck
    (2018)   Cirkeline, Coco og det vilde næsehorn (Circleen, Coco and the wild rhinoceros)
    by Jannik Hastrup
    (2014)   Cykelmyggen og Minibillen (Mini and the Mozzies)
    by Jannik Hastrup & Flemming Quist Møller
    (2007)   Cykelmyggen og Dansemyggen (A Tale of Two Mozzies)
    by Jannik Hastrup & Flemming Quist Møller
    (2004)   Cirkeline og verdens mindste superhelt (Little Big Mouse)
    by Jannik Hastrup
    (2003)   Drengen der ville gøre det umulige (The boy who wanted to be a bear),
    by Jannik Hastrup
    (2000)   Cirkeline – Ost & Kærlighed (Mice and Romance)
    by Jannik Hastrup
    (1998)   Cirkeline – Storbyens Mus (City mice)
    by Jannik Hastrup
    (1998)   HC Andersen og Den Skæve Skygge (HC Andersen and The Long Shadow),
    by Jannik Hastrup
    (1995)   Aberne og Det Hemmelige Våben (The Secret Weapon)
    by Jannik Hastrup
    (1990)   Fuglekrigen i Kanøfleskoven (War of the Birds)
    by Jannik Hastrup
    (1986)   Strit & Stumme (Subway to Paradise)
    by Jannik Hastrup
    (1984)   Samson og Sally (Samson and Sally)
    by Jannik Hastrup


    (2014-18)   Rita & Krokodille (Rita & Crocodile)
    26 x 5 min., by Siri Melchior
    (2017)   Nothing Happens
    11 min., by Michelle and Uri Kranot
    (2016)   Blot en drengestreg (Just a Prank)
    10 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (2015)   Lili 
    8 x 3,5 min., by Siri Melchior
    (2015)   The New Kid
    7 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (2014)   Asylbarn – Tefik, Hvis du falder skal du rejse dig igen (Asylum Child – Tefik, If you fall you get back up again)
    10 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (2013)   Asylbarn – Jamila, Gid jeg kunne flyve (Asylum Child – Jamila, If only I could fly)
    10 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (2013)   Asylbarn – Solén, Jeg altid husker far (Asylum Child – Solén, I always remember daddy)
    10 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (2013)   Hollow Land
    14 min., by Michal og Uri Kranot
    (2010)   Cirkeline i Fandango (Circleen in Fandango)
    20 x 6 min, by Jannik Hastrup
    (2009)   Fløjteløs (Whistleless)
    5 min., by Siri Melchior
    (2009)   Pipungerne (The Tweetlings)
    4 x 5 min, by Tone Tarding
    (2008)   En lille film om nisser (A little film on Pixies)
    13 min.; by Trylle Vilstrup
    (2008)   Shaman
    10 min., af Luc Perez
    (2005)   Krig og Kager (War & Peas)
    10 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (2005)   You’ve got Sugar
    3 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (2005)   Eventyret om den dårlige samvittighed (A Tale about The Guilty Conscience),
    15 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (2005)   Flammende Oprør
    3 min., by Trylle Vilstrup
    (2004)   Dem derovre og de andre, (The ones over there and the others)
    15 min, by Ziska Szemes
    (2001)   Hund og Fisk (Dog & Fish)
    15 min, by Jannik Hastrup
    (2001)   På Vej til Billedet (Getting the picture)
    2 x 6 min, by Bigita Faber
    (1996)   Historien om et hundeliv (A shaggy dogstory)
    25 min, by Malene Vilstrup
    (1996)   Æbleflæsk
    5 min., by Lars Nørgaard
    (1996)   Tango Jalousie
    5 min, by Jannik Hastrup
    (1996)   Birdland
    4 x 5 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (1993)   Havets Sang (Song of the Sea)
    25 min, by Jannik Hastrup
    (1992)   Det bare os høns (Ain’t nobody here but us chickens)
    17 min, by Jannik Hastrup
    (1992)   Dodo
    20 x 1 min, by Bigita Faber, Helle Harbou
    (1991)   Bjarne og Brittas Vidunderlige Verden (The wonderful World of Barney and Betty)
    5 x 7 min, by Jannik Hastrup
    (1985)   Trylle og Tøjdyrene (Magic Mary and her Puppets)
    2 x 15 min, by Jannik Hastrup
    (1985)   Roji Negra
    3 min. by Jannik Hastrup & Bigita Faber
    (1982)   Hvordan det videre gik den Grimme Ælling (The futher adventures of the Ugly Duckling),
    12 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (1978)   Trællene (The Thralls)
    3 x 26 min, by Jannik Hastrup
    (1977)   Hellere rask og rig end syg og fattig (Better rich and healthy than poor and sick)
    23 min. by Jannik Hastrup
    (1973)   Historiebogen (The Historybook)
    6 x 17 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (1972)   Ønskebenet (The Wishbone)
    3 min. by Jannik Hastrup
    (1967‑71)   Cirkeline (Circleen)
    19 x 12 min., by Jannik Hastrup
    (1970)   Bennys Badekar (Bennys Bathtub)
    45 min. by Jannik Hastrup & Flemming Quist Møller
    (1969)   Regnbuen (The Rainbow)
    10 min. by Jannik Hastrup)
    (1969)   Flodhesten (The Hippo)
    10 min. by Jannik Hastrup)
    (1969)   Det store slæderøveri
    10 min. by Jannik Hastrup)
    (1968)   Drengen og månen (The boy and the moon)
    6 min. by Jannik Hastrup
    (1967)   It don’t mean a thing
    by Jannik Hastrup & Flemming Quist Møller
    (1966)   Generalen / The General)
    10 min. by Jannik Hastrup
    (1966)   Slambert / (Scoundrel)
    8 min. by Jannik Hastrup & Flemming Quist Møller
    (1966)   Elverskud
    by Jannik Hastrup)
    (1966)   Hvordan man opdrager sine forældre (How to bring up your parents)
    6×10 min. by J. Hastrup & Flemming QM
    (1965)   Skorstensfejeren gik en tur
    by Jannik Hastrup & Hans Henrik Ley
    (1965)   Fagotten der fik ondt i maven
    by Jannik Hastrup & Hans Henrik Ley
    (1964)   Concerto Erotica
    7 min. by Jannik Hastrup
    (1964)   Agnete og Havmanden
    by Jannik Hastrup