Dansk Tegnefilm

  • Film info

    • danish title: CIRKELINE - OST OG KÆRLIGHED
    • english title: CIRCLEEN - MICE AND ROMANCE
    • running time: 61 min.
    • release: 2000
    • category: Feature / Animaton
    • audience: 3+
    • language: Danish
    • format: 35mm / 1:1,66 / Dolby SR
    • director: Jannik Hastrup
    • screenplay: Jannik Hastrup
    • composer: Hans Henrik Ley
    • producer: Marie Bro
    • production: Dansk Tegnefilm 2 Aps (DK)
    • in cooperation with: DR TV
    • support from: The Danish Film Institute
    • international sales: TrustNordisk
    • festival distribution: The Danish Film Institute
    • website DFI: Link to DFI website
    • facebook: Cirkeline

    Cirkeline – Ost og Kærlighed (2000)

    Circleen – Mice & Romance

    romance_02Circleen – Mice & Romance or  the story of Mouserella The rags-to-riches tale of small, short-sighted Mille and Ingolf, her white knight. As it isn’t Circleen’s birthday today, nor that of her mouse chums, they decide to have a non-birthday party. They meet a tiny, terribly short-sighted mouse named Mille, who can’t find her way home. It turns out that it is Mille’s birthday the next day, so they decide to have their party for her. But she has to slave away obtaining cheese for her family, and is not allowed to go to birthday parties. When Ingolf comes to pick her up her father is so angry that he shuts her into a box mouse trap. Ingolf is aghast. He and his chums decide to rescue Mille. But when they get back to her house she has gone!

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