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  • Film info

    • Danish Title: EN LILLE FILM OM NISSER
    • English Title: A LITTLE FILM ON PIXIES
    • Release: 2008
    • Running Time: 12min. 25 sec.
    • Category: Shortfilm / Animation
    • Audience: 6+
    • Format: Digibeta / 16:9
    • Language: Danish
    • Director: Trylle Vilstrup
    • Screenplay: Trylle Vilstrup
    • Composer: Fuzzy
    • Cast: Ib Spang Olsen
    • Producer: Marie Bro
    • Production: Dansk Tegnefilm 2 ApS (DK)
    • Support From: New Danish Screen, DR, TV2
    • International Sales: Dansk Tegnefilm 2 ApS
    • Filmstriben: Link to Filmstriben

    En lille film om nisser (2008)

    A little film on pixies

    The danish illustrator Ib Spang Olsen discusses the pixie: who he is, what he can, and what he can do for us. The pixie wants his true story to come out. If we believe in pixies, make room for them, don’t disturb them or destroy the surroundings in which they live, Denmark will be a much more fertile place.