Dansk Tegnefilm

Film info

  • Danish title: Historien om et hundeliv
  • English title: A Shaggy Dog Tale
  • Release: 1996
  • Running time: 26 min.
  • Language: Danish
  • Audience: Adolescence
  • Category: Shortfilm / Animation
  • Format: 16mm
  • Director: Malene Vilstrup
  • Screenplay: Torleif Hoppe, Ulla Ryum, Malene Vilstrup
  • Animation: Malene Vilstrup, Sara Koppel, Michael Hegner
  • Producer: Marie Bro
  • Production: Dansk Tegnefilm
  • In cooperation with: YLE/TV1
  • Support from: Dansk Novellefilm, Cartoon (Media Programme)
  • DFI filmsite: DFI

Historien om et hundeliv (1996)

A Shaggy Dog Tale

Malene Vilstrup has created an ambitious work, a pixilation film that combines various animation techniques in this modern doomsday vision, where love wins in the end and makes Carl the stamp collector overcome his fear of leaving his cosy little flat. The world outside frightens Carl, who is shocked by all the wars and violence he sees on TV. One day, the postman delivers a cardboard dog that becomes a new dimension in his world.