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  • Film info

    • Danish title: MC Clemens - Flammende Oprør
    • English title: MC Clemens - Flammende Oprør
    • Release: 2005
    • Category: Musicvideo
    • Audience: Anyone
    • Running time: 3 min.
    • Format: DVD, 1:1,78
    • Director: Trylle Vilstrup
    • Screenplay: MC Clemens & Trylle Vilstrup
    • Composer: MC Clemens
    • Animation: Jannik Hastrup, Louise Muchardt, Trylle Vilstrup
    • Producer: Marie Bro
    • Production: Dansk Tegnefilm
    • facebook: Cirkeline

    Clemens – Flammende Oprør (2005)

    Music video produced for Mc Clemens – probably one of the best among Danish rappers. With “Flammende oprør” (“Flaming rebellion”) from his album “Dance with death”, Clemens is walking the impossible tightrope as he presents his relation to his ex without the word cliché ever touching our minds.

    It is brutally honest and in some moments even a less flattering portrait with which Clemens presents himself and his heartbreaks. The chorus adds to the melancholy and to the bitter-sweetness of the song and appropriately so, the whole thing is speeded up to the voices as we know from the films of Circleen.

    And to make everything more natural Circleen – the daily-life heroine known TV during the 60’s and 70’s – fullfill the nostalgy. And this is no wanna-be-cut-and-paste shit – the film is produced in the studios of Mr. Jannik Hastrup himself.

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