Dansk Tegnefilm

  • Film info

    • English Title: GETTING TO THE PICTURE
    • Release: 2000
    • Running Time: 2 x 14 min.
    • Category: Shortfilm / Animation
    • Audience: Children, 5+
    • Format: Digibeta / 16:9
    • Language: Danish
    • Director: Bigita Faber
    • Screenplay: Andreas Jürgensen
    • Producer: Marie Bro
    • Production: Dansk Tegnefilm 2 ApS (DK)
    • Support From: The Danish Filminstitute, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Dronning Margrethe og Prins Henriks Fond, Media Programme of the European Union
    • International Sales: Dansk Tegnefilm 2 ApS
    • Filmsite DFI: Link to DFI filmsite

    Alice og Emil på vej til billedet (2000)

    Getting the Picture

    Alice and Emile have found their own very special approach to works of art: the two kids simply jump right into them!On a fantastic journey among shapes and colours they experience each painting in a way that’s quite different from the way we’re used to: as a landscape you can move around in!

    In two animated shortfilms, “Getting the Picture”, show what Alice and Emile experience and what they learn on their journey into two paintings.

    The films are intended to inspire other children to follow Alice and Emile’s example and make their own journeys of exploration into modern art.

    Episode 1: “In the wingbeat of the swans” by Asger Jorn (1963)

    Episode 2: “Who’s afraid of red, yellow, and blue” III, by Barnet Newman (1967-68)