Preschool series “LILI” scoops a Cristal Award at ANNECY 2016
lili_vovov_vignet5Award for director Siri Melchior and producer Marie Bro boosts plans for an extended television series based on the books by Danish author Kim Fupz Aakeson.  The series premiered earlier this year at the Berlin Film Festival’s shorts competition for children’s film, Generation Kplus. READ MORE

  • Fuglekrigen i Kanøfleskoven (1990)


    War of the Birds An owl, two sparrows, a dove and a pair of would-be aviator mice join forces to fight against an evil bird of prey who threatens the peace in their lovely forest. The idyll in the forest is always under threat from the grim raptor Fagin, but the two small birds Oliver and Olivia […]

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  • Cirkeline – Kanonfotografen Frederik (1970)


    CIRCLEEN – FREDDIE THE CAMERA BUG The mouse Frederic finds a camera and leaves in order to make films of the different animals. After many dangerous events he comes home and he is told that there is no film in the camera. Luckily, the designer has made a film about Frederic and the spectators do […]

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    CIRKELINE – 2+2=5

    Circleen is a teacher for the mice. They go for an exciting journey and they meet a small elf.

    Cirkeline leger lærer for musene, og de tager på en spændende udflugt og møder en lille alf.