From renowned Danish animation master Jannik Hastrup comes this endearing tale featuring Circleen, a matchbook-sized elf, and her motley crew- mice, a baby rhino and a Princess named Coco (tiny size, outsized personality!). Together, they embark on an exciting adventure to Africa! Along the way, they open their eyes and hearts to one another and to others! This new Circleen film is the 11th film from Mr. Hastrup submitted to the prestigious Berlinale Generation competition lineup. Colourful and gentle images. Lively and original soundtrack.

  • Aberne og det Hemmelige Våben (1995)

    The Secret Weapon The two monkey families, Weismüller and Attila fear each other. That they actually are out of the same family does no one know, because their separation is caused by a terrible war, which only the oldest are able to remember. It was the secret weapon, which caused the accident – a weapon, which destryos […]

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  • Cirkeline og verdens mindste superhelt (2004)

    Circleen – Little Big Mouse Circleen goes on holiday to Turkey with her artist. Her chums Ingolf, Fredrik, and Viktor decide to go to see her, and stow away on board granddad’s ship, where they meet another stowaway, the tough, fearless mouse Ali, who has set off into the world in search of happiness. Our […]

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