LILI will be presented at Cartoon Forum 2015
Wednesday 16.sep – 10.30 AM – BLUE ROOM


  • Cirkeline – Højt for træets grønne top (1970)


    CIRCLEENS CHRISTMAS It is Christmas and the mice and Circleen are making Christmas gifts, baking cakes and finally they go out to find a Christmas tree. They get lost in the snow storm, but a small goblin-elf helps them after which they can all be together for the big Christmas party. Det er jul, og […]

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  • Shaman (2007)


    Utaaq, an old Inuit, is at a bus stop in Copenhagen when he spots a bird from his native Greenland above his head: a rare visitor to theese climes. It reminds him of his youth: as a young hunter he discovers that a mountain wanderer is using a Tupilak for killing local hunters. Tupilaks are […]

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    CIRKELINE – 2+2=5

    Circleen is a teacher for the mice. They go for an exciting journey and they meet a small elf.

    Cirkeline leger lærer for musene, og de tager på en spændende udflugt og møder en lille alf.