From renowned Danish animation master Jannik Hastrup comes this endearing tale featuring Circleen, a matchbook-sized elf, and her motley crew- mice, a baby rhino and a Princess named Coco (tiny size, outsized personality!). Together, they embark on an exciting adventure to Africa! Along the way, they open their eyes and hearts to one another and to others! This new Circleen film is the 11th film from Mr. Hastrup submitted to the prestigious Berlinale Generation competition lineup. Colourful and gentle images. Lively and original soundtrack.

  • Drengen der ville gøre det umulige (2002)

    The boy who wanted to be a bear In a den in the fells a polar bear gives birth to a cub – but  the cub is stillborn. In a cabin some way off a woman bears a strong and healthy boy. The polar bear is so grief-stricken at the loss of her cub that […]

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  • Fuglekrigen i Kanøfleskoven (1990)

    War of the Birds An owl, two sparrows, a dove and a pair of would-be aviator mice join forces to fight against an evil bird of prey who threatens the peace in their lovely forest. The idyll in the forest is always under threat from the grim raptor Fagin, but the two small birds Oliver and Olivia […]

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