“Lili” – Official Selection Berlinale 2016
lili_vovov_vignet5Siri Melchior’s colourful films about the everyday adventures of Lili are invited to the Berlin Film Festival’s shorts competition for children’s film, Generation Kplus. Lili is a series of films based on book written by Kim Fupz Aakeson and illustrated by Siri Melchior.

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  • Cirkeline – Ost og Kærlighed (2000)


    Circleen – Mice & Romance Circleen – Mice & Romance or  the story of Mouserella The rags-to-riches tale of small, short-sighted Mille and Ingolf, her white knight. As it isn’t Circleen’s birthday today, nor that of her mouse chums, they decide to have a non-birthday party. They meet a tiny, terribly short-sighted mouse named Mille, […]

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  • Aberne og det Hemmelige Våben (1995)


    The Secret Weapon The two monkey families, Weismüller and Attila fear each other. That they actually are out of the same family does no one know, because their separation is caused by a terrible war, which only the oldest are able to remember. It was the secret weapon, which caused the accident – a weapon, which destryos […]

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    CIRKELINE – 2+2=5

    Circleen is a teacher for the mice. They go for an exciting journey and they meet a small elf.

    Cirkeline leger lærer for musene, og de tager på en spændende udflugt og møder en lille alf.