Dansk Tegnefilm

  • Film info

    • danish title: Fuglekrigen i Kanøfleskoven
    • english title: War of the Birds
    • release: 1990
    • running time: 68 min.
    • category: Feature / Animation
    • audience: Children (6-12 years)
    • format: 35mm / 1:1.66 / Dolby
    • language: Danish
    • director: Jannik Hastrup
    • screenplay: Bent Haller
    • composer: Fuzzy
    • producer: Per Holst
    • production: Per Holst Film (DK), Dansk Tegnefilm (DK)
    • support from: The Danish Filminstitute
    • nordic distribution: Nordisk Film
    • international sales: TrustNordisk
    • festival distribution: The Danish Filminstitute
    • filmsite DFI: Link to DFI filmsite

    Fuglekrigen i Kanøfleskoven (1990)

    War of the Birds

    An owl, two sparrows, a dove and a pair of would-be aviator mice join forces to fight against an evil bird of prey who threatens the peace in their lovely forest.

    The idyll in the forest is always under threat from the grim raptor Fagin, but the two small birds Oliver and Olivia are determined to fight him. The other birds are unwilling to help them – both the grumbling owl who looks like W.C. Fields, the sparrow Betty and the musical sea gull Armstrong. On the other hand, the two mice Ingolf and Frederic are offering their help, for which they are promoted to birds.

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